Demo '10

by Owl Eyes

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released March 11, 2011

Jesse/Blankstare Records


tags: hardcore


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Owl Eyes

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Track Name: When Hell Freezes Over
the peasants of god waiting for their way in/ poisoning their minds to keep them in line/ herding them in like the sheep that they are/ and so where will you stand/ when the time comes *at the end of the world*/ life and death go hand in hand/ no room for salvation/ the cries of the weak meshed together with violence now flooding the streets/ it only gets worse from here on out/ when they realize *there's no where to go/

the gates to heaven have long since been shut/abandoned like a ghost town/ stringing them along for far too long/ its too late to turn back now/ no *i wont* ever give in/ i'd rather spit in your face than accept what you're giving/ times running out *approaching death*/ so i'll curse your name till i am laid to rest.
Track Name: Nightmares
overwhelming violence/ driven by hate strictly going for throat/ where will you run when i light this place up?/ where will you hide when there is no where to go?/ so do what what you will/ sound the alarms/ the tension is building as you try to stay calm/ there's no turning back once you're already in/ your front row seat your *your fucking extinction*/

so you'll finally see/ what its like to live outside of yourself/ when i tear out your eyes/ offer them high, and drain them dry of all the greed and corruption/ and with these hands ill shatter the earth/ i'll send these rats back to the depths of which they came from/ the vicious storm that rips through the sky/ puts this city in fear *you're all gonna die/ WELCOME TO YOUR IMPENDING DOOM.
Track Name: En La Vista De Dios
no escape from this place/ locked in tight to deaths embrace/ this feeling taking over me/ sifting through this sea of souls/ walking through the wastelands of this world/ to reach the holy land thats scripted/ driven to act and to commit these acts of war/

*no ones safe, the hatreds surging over/ the floods will come to cover the earth*

and ill be there with open arms/ basking in the glory of the lord/ ripping the wings off of angels/ destroying creation at every angle/ *this regicide of your holy father/ the burden placed upon the virgin mother/ the body of christ with sword in hand/ his head on a stake, the son of man*
Track Name: The Serpents Son
now walk abandoned son/ the demons blood runs right through you/ banished from your only home/ cursed to walk the earth alone/ the mark placed upon your head/ for the world to see what you did/ the story that it will soon tell/ your body forced to burn in hell/ and this offering of your tortured soul/ created specifically for this role/ your acceptance only received through death/ exploited again and again/ you wash the blood from your hands/ to distance yourself from a fallen man/ but you can't erase whats engraved, buried deep within yourself/ the image of your brothers face/ it haunts you in your state of sleep/ like the wolf preying on the weak/ his thirst for blood causes him to seek/ and its all your fault/ do you feel the guilt burning in you?
Track Name: Low Spirits
another day just passes by/ repetition is killing you/ when will reality take affect?/ you live your life in another state/ unable to track the steps you've taken/ another bottle, another mistake/ *a brittle layer now soon to fucking break*/ you cover this up in a familiar way/ drowning your self in this fucking poison/ pointing fingers to excuse your faults/ you're the reason for your own misery/ life seems more stable when you're not sober/ waiting for it all to soon be over/ this burden placed on your shoulders/ drink yourself into your fucking grave/ and whats this all for/ to be seen and not heard/ i see myself in you/ i am you.
Track Name: Lawful Brutality
so you'd rather see us/ fed to the dogs then have us out on the streets/ taking the world right from under our feet/ your surge for power is taking over you/ you chase us, you beat us and still there's no difference/ your existence to us just seems fucking pointless/ we can't be tamed by your laws and discretion/ FUCK YOU we'll do what we want/ and there is nothing you can do/ your world comes crashing down/ spiralling out of control/ you're losing your hold on us/ we're just merely slipping away/ when push comes to shove/ i'd waste you first at the end of the day/

*you have the guns but we have the glory/ of making your bodies one with the soil/ destroying all that you are/ your badge is all that you're worth*/ you're no better than the scum you put away/ fuck you boys in blue, fuck your rules and oppression/ fuck your probable cause and your shady laws/ fuck you
Track Name: Lonely Roads
i want it all or nothing/ i'm tired of screaming and searching for something/ clawing and scratching to let someone in/ can't scrape through the surface there's no way to win/ i build myself up/ to tear myself down/ no remains to be found/ these thoughts constantly go through my head/ contradicting the words that i've said/ excuses they cloud my way/ but at the end of the day seems to be all i can say/ so close to failure, knee deep in shit/ my life's a constant struggle and i've had enough of it/ i'm close to the end/ its all on the line/ but now its gone with the wind/ trapped in the past, can't move ahead/ i'm fucking it up over and over again/

look inside/ take a breath look again/ i'm on the outside looking in/ being swallowed up by this life of sin/ every step i take down these same roads i've been.