Lawful Brutality

from by Owl Eyes



so you'd rather see us/ fed to the dogs then have us out on the streets/ taking the world right from under our feet/ your surge for power is taking over you/ you chase us, you beat us and still there's no difference/ your existence to us just seems fucking pointless/ we can't be tamed by your laws and discretion/ FUCK YOU we'll do what we want/ and there is nothing you can do/ your world comes crashing down/ spiralling out of control/ you're losing your hold on us/ we're just merely slipping away/ when push comes to shove/ i'd waste you first at the end of the day/

*you have the guns but we have the glory/ of making your bodies one with the soil/ destroying all that you are/ your badge is all that you're worth*/ you're no better than the scum you put away/ fuck you boys in blue, fuck your rules and oppression/ fuck your probable cause and your shady laws/ fuck you


from Demo '10, track released March 11, 2011


tags: hardcore


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