Lonely Roads

from by Owl Eyes



i want it all or nothing/ i'm tired of screaming and searching for something/ clawing and scratching to let someone in/ can't scrape through the surface there's no way to win/ i build myself up/ to tear myself down/ no remains to be found/ these thoughts constantly go through my head/ contradicting the words that i've said/ excuses they cloud my way/ but at the end of the day seems to be all i can say/ so close to failure, knee deep in shit/ my life's a constant struggle and i've had enough of it/ i'm close to the end/ its all on the line/ but now its gone with the wind/ trapped in the past, can't move ahead/ i'm fucking it up over and over again/

look inside/ take a breath look again/ i'm on the outside looking in/ being swallowed up by this life of sin/ every step i take down these same roads i've been.


from Demo '10, track released March 11, 2011


tags: hardcore


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