When Hell Freezes Over

from by Owl Eyes



the peasants of god waiting for their way in/ poisoning their minds to keep them in line/ herding them in like the sheep that they are/ and so where will you stand/ when the time comes *at the end of the world*/ life and death go hand in hand/ no room for salvation/ the cries of the weak meshed together with violence now flooding the streets/ it only gets worse from here on out/ when they realize *there's no where to go/

the gates to heaven have long since been shut/abandoned like a ghost town/ stringing them along for far too long/ its too late to turn back now/ no *i wont* ever give in/ i'd rather spit in your face than accept what you're giving/ times running out *approaching death*/ so i'll curse your name till i am laid to rest.


from Demo '10, track released March 11, 2011


tags: hardcore


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